Operation Think Fresh

Not all vegetables are created equal nor are they grown the same way. Kids today would rather grab a chocolate bar or bag of chips instead of having a healthy after-school snack of vegetables.

NatureFresh™ Farms has created a mobile version of their greenhouse and are traveling throughout eastern North America talking about how greenhouse vegetables are grown. What better region to talk about eating healthy then right at home in Windsor-Essex! We are connecting with 20 different schools in the region this fall to raise awareness to EAT MORE FRESH!

The Prizes
Collage of photos of tomatoes through the growing process
Operation Think Fresh

Fall 2016

Participating Schools

map of all schools participating in Operation Think Fresh
map of all schools participating in Operation Think Fresh

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How We Grow

Our team is very passionate about greenhouse produce. Check out these videos that talk about how we grow and all the sustainable initiatives we have in place to be as eco-friendly as possible.

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we care about the future of fresh

Committed to a brighter, flavorful, and more sustainable future.

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NatureFresh™ Farms was the first greenhouse operation in Ontario to use renewable energy as a main source of energy.

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In addition to 0% nutrient water discharge, NatureFresh maximizes water efficiency by recycling the excess irrigation water that the plants do not utilize.

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Integrated Pest Management systems that use good bugs such as Lady Bugs and many others to reduce the need of pesticides.

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Bright friendly packaging that is the most environmentally responsible. All NatureFresh Farms packaging is 100% recyclable.

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