Locally grown, 365 days a year

Ohio grown greenhouse tomatoes will allow NatureFresh™ Farms to provide a fresh option to more than 20 million people in a 5 hr radius of its state of the art Delta, OH greenhouse facility. Reducing food miles with fresh tomatoes being picked, packed, shipped to your grocery store in less than 24 hours.

Now that's fresh.

Ohio Red Tomatoes

Why buying local is better

  • Picked fresh and shipped to you within 24 hrs

  • Puts money back in the local economy

  • Reduced food miles removes the need for produce from Mexico

  • Creates new employment opportunities

  • Support local growers

  • Local foods promote a safer food supply

  • NatureFresh™ grows throughout the winter in Delta, OH

  • #LearnHowWeGrow videos help educate the consumer, click to see how

Collage of photos of tomatoes through the growing process
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The Good Guys The Bug Brigade

Our Bug Brigade are masters of the bug world. With extensive knowledge in both good & bad bugs, our brigade works diligently to use good bugs to protect our crop and eliminate pesticide use.

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non-GMO verified seal

Proudly Growing Non-GMO Produce

With all of our produce being non-GMO verified, we believe that consumers deserve to know how their produce is grown.

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Sustainable Growing Future of Fresh

As society and produce continue to change on a daily basis, so are we. We believe that focusing on quality & transparency is the way of the future.

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