A brand full of flavor.

Every flavor provides a sensory experience that distinguishes itself. A tomato’s flavor is a consumer’s most immediate and visceral experience with the variety. NatureFresh™ Farms developed its TOMZ® Snacking Tomatoes to meet consumer expectations that when they enjoy a snacking tomato in July, October, or February, that the flavor is plentiful and consistent each and every time. Why? Because the same grower produced that same tomato from the same farm regardless of the season.

Available year-round

Grown locally 12 months a year

Efficient Packaging

Top seal packaging allows ideal storing conditions

Diverse Selection

Pick & choose your desired flavors


Vine ripened for maximum flavor & freshness

Convenient Snacking

Ready to go, convenient & healthy snacks

Exceptional Shelf Life

Produce that stays fresh

Kitchen Friendly

Versatile & an ideal pairing for a variety of recipes

Greenhouse grown

Grown in a controlled greenhouse environment

Sustainable growing

Growing practices that ensure a fresh future

Reduced food miles

Picked, packed & shipped within 24hrs

Exceptional flavor

Selected out of 300 + trialed varieties

Produce consistency

Consistent quality with every purchase

Six different packages of tomatoes

Consumers first.

NatureFresh™ snacking tomatoes are grown in state of the art greenhouses to ensure we deliver the best possible tomato each and every time they are picked. We pride ourselves on being the exclusive and only grower of TOMZ® Snacking Tomatoes to ensure that you enjoy the same sweet flavors with every purchase, regardless of the season. Our 100% recyclable packaging features convenient peel & reseal film allows for multiple uses. Now that’s fresh!

Don’t settle for flavorless tomatoes this winter, look for Ohio grown TOMZ® Tomatoes at your local grocery store because flavor is a difference maker.

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