Aaron C.


“Nature Fresh Farms really does think about their employees and does everything they can for each worker to make sure they have what they need.”

Growing up “down under” in Perth, Australia, Aaron C. spent much of his adolescence playing tennis. After receiving a full scholarship to play NCAA Division 1 tennis in South Carolina, Aaron finished his schooling and returned to Australia to become a professional tennis coach. Aaron’s next adventures took him backpacking through southeast Asia, then snowboarding in Alberta, then road tripping through the United States, and finally settling in Kingsville, ON!

Although he has seen a lot of the world, Aaron didn’t have any experience in the produce industry when he started working with our team: “Roughly 2 years ago I started in the Dry Goods department at our Distribution Center, but I was encouraged to try a new role in the Allocation department (now Commodities). I’m continuing to work hard there to learn and respond when things change on the fly.”

The people who work here and how our leaders treat them is what really stands out to Aaron about Nature Fresh Farms: “Nature Fresh Farms means good people! I’ve never worked for a company like this before – at work and at home, this company makes sure they take care of their people.”

When he isn’t at work, Aaron spends most of his free time with his wife and daughter, Sawyer. Aaron and his wife are also thrilled to welcome the next member of their family in September 2020!

As a member of our Commodities department, Aaron works every day to ensure everyone involved in our supply chain, from farm-level to distribution-level, is aware of shipment times, packing schedules, and order requirements. In Aaron’s eyes, it is his job to do whatever he can to keep our Repack, Shipping/Receiving, and Sales teams happy! Aaron is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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