Abe F.


“I really enjoy working with my team, learning from people in different positions, and overcoming new challenges every day.”

Some of Abe F.’s earliest memories are of his father working in a greenhouse farm located on their family’s property in Leamington, ON. In that same greenhouse, Abe could be found most days after school completing lots of different odd jobs – tasks that would encourage him to pursue a career within the greenhouse industry later in life!

Although he grew up around greenhouses, Abe explored other opportunities before coming to our company: “After I finished school, I worked in a local greenhouse for two years. After that, I worked in the construction business renovating houses. But about seven years ago, a friend of mine told me about a Grower Assistant position at Nature Fresh Farms, and so this is where I’ve stayed since then!”

Every day presents different challenges, and that’s what Abe likes most about his role as a Grower Assistant: “I enjoy the challenge of working with new and different seed varieties. This is the first year I’ve gotten to help with growing Mini Sweet Peppers, so it has been exciting to try different things with a crop that is new to me.”

Along with spending time with his growing family, Abe enjoys fixing up vehicles, fishing, and attending events in his local community during his off hours. Fun fact: Abe also used to dabble in bull-riding!

Being a Grower Assistant means busy days that are full of many to-do lists. Abe is kept on his toes as he monitors and studies our crops to ensure their needs are always being met. Whether Abe is physically checking our Pepper plants’ health or reading the data he sees on our PRIVA system, he can make the changes needed for our crops to get exactly what they need. Abe is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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