Aganetha W.


“I try to be positive in everything I do.”

Aganetha W. and her husband came from Bolivia to Canada in 2002, and very quickly after they arrived, they both started working at Nature Fresh Farms. There were both good and hard times when Aganetha’s family first arrived in Canada, but they overcame and settled well into new jobs and a new community. Today Aganetha is still a member of our team, working on one of our Packing lines!

The process of moving to a new country can be difficult, but Aganetha’s positive attitude was a big help in getting her through the transition: “The first two years especially were tough for me as I was adjusting to a new job and new people. Then it got easier as I got to know people and the work I would be doing at Nature Fresh Farms. Whether at work or at home, I’ve always tried to be positive.”

Working at Nature Fresh Farms has kept Aganetha’s life busy and fulfilled: “Last year was very busy because the Warehouse I’m working in was packing produce grown across over 60 acres. I’m happy to say Nature Fresh Farms means a lot to me – it has helped me make my life, pay my bills, and take care of myself.”

In Aganetha’s spare time, she enjoys being at home and attending church on Sundays. Aganetha also enjoys planning for and going on vacation to visit family and friends in Mexico and Bolivia.

In her role on the Packing line, Aganetha is tasked with ensuring that all produce orders assigned to her line are fresh and properly packaged before leaving her line to be shipped and distributed to our customers. Aganetha is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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