Amy B.


“My father always said I needed to stop and smell the roses, and his passing taught me how to appreciate everything around me.”

Amy B. explored many different career paths before finding herself in the Accounting field. She always had a passion for numbers, but before pursuing her CPA degree, Amy dabbled in vet school, restaurant chain management, and group purchasing. But when Amy decided to move back home to Colchester, ON 6 years ago, she knew it was time for another career change!

As Amy’s mentor, best friend, and idol (who also happened to be an Accountant), her father’s passing taught her some valuable life lessons: “I learned to let go, I learned to never let the small stuff bother me, and I learned that you only live once so cherish it. Stopping to smell the roses is a life lesson I never thought I would master until now.”

Ever since she started working at Nature Fresh Farms, Amy has been inspired every day to accomplish great things by the leaders who drive us forward: “Nature Fresh Farms is a thriving company that started with a Man, a Dream, and a Welder. If Peter can make this out of that, then I can accomplish so much and thrive under our leadership’s direction.”

With a husband and 4-year-old daughter to keep her busy, Amy‘s free time is jam-packed with fun activities – baking, sewing, spending time outside, hanging out with family and friends, horseback riding, gardening, you name it! And on top of it all, Amy is currently studying for her CPA degree.

As our Supervisor of Grower Pay Analytics, Amy supervises Grower pay and Vendor pay activities: if we grow, consign, or purchase produce from another country, Amy oversees the financial side of the process. She also looks after financial analysis related to costing, inventory evaluation, and profitability. Amy is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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