Ana H.


“I love how Nature Fresh Farms shows gratitude and care for their Guest Workers.”

At 11 years old, Ana H., her parents, and her sister moved together from Mexico to Canada. When she first moved here, Ana had a tough time adjusting as she had left her grandparents behind, who she had been very close with, and she spoke very little English. But Ana learned the language and ended up going to school to study Accounting. Ana is now a member of our Finance team!

Since she enjoys working with numbers and learning new things, her position in Payroll Administration is a great fit for Ana: “In my role, you need to be able to stay organized, prioritize, and multitask well. But I also need to stay adaptable because working at a greenhouse means you work in a fast-paced environment that is always changing.”

Ana has come to love the culture at Nature Fresh Farms: “No company is perfect, and I don’t always have a perfect day at work, but I do appreciate the company’s culture and values. The values they hold are what make me proud to be part of the Nature Fresh Farms team.”

Most of Ana’s free time is dedicated to her family, especially her young son. They love going out together on weekends and finding new adventures to take as a family!

One of Ana’s most important responsibilities is overseeing payroll for our greenhouse employees. Ana pays close attention to detail so she can ensure all payroll records are accurate and kept confidential. She also plays a big role in implementing new company payment policies. Ana is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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