Andy V.

Maintenance & IT

“Nature Fresh Farms is my second family.”

Raised in Wauseon, OH, Andy V. never thought he would work in a greenhouse. In fact, he attended the University of Akron and majored in Culinary Arts! But in addition to cooking, Andy is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves computers – and that’s the interest that led him to his current position in Maintenance and IT at Nature Fresh Farms!

When Andy first came to work at the Nature Fresh Farms facility in Delta, OH, he started in a General Labor position, but mentioned his interest in being a part of the IT department: “At the time, the Ohio facility was small enough that they didn’t need an IT department, but they told me that in the future, they would need an IT team and I could apply then. In 2017, I was given the opportunity to move into IT and I’ve really been enjoying my new role.”

In just a couple of years, Andy has worked for Nature Fresh Farms as a Picker, Greenhouse Supervisor, Gatekeeper, and now IT/Maintenance Technician. But for him, the people are the best part of his job: “Every person I work with is my family – we’re the best team around!”

When he isn’t at work, Andy spends a lot of his free time with family and working on his first house. In 2019, he is most looking forward to watching Amelia, his brand-new baby girl, grow up!
One of Andy’s most important jobs is to help keep our Ohio greenhouses running if there is ever an internet or power outage – with a climate-controlled environment to maintain, Andy’s role is crucial for our farm’s success. He is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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