Anna N.


“I love to learn, grow, and experience life to the fullest.”

Anna N. has worked in agriculture from a young age – her part-time summer job in field crops introduced her to the world of farming, and since then, she has worked at greenhouse facilities that grow a variety of plants. Since Anna started at Nature Fresh Farms in 2016, she has worked in a few different positions – each one giving her unique opportunities to learn and grow!

There is a reason Anna has been working in agriculture since she was a teenager – she loves how dynamic and exciting it can be: “There’s something new every day and there are so many opportunities to learn.”

Since starting with our company in 2016, Anna has gained experience in a lot of different areas of our operation: “I started out in Trial Development, and then I moved to the Warehouse to be a Supervisor. Now I’m in the Purchasing department, and I love getting to communicate with people across the farm. I’m especially excited for our new Warehouse to get up and running in Leamington!”

Anna has also been participating in our internal education program, which is available to all NatureFresh™ Farms team members. Through the program, Anna was able to acquire her Grade 12 Diploma this year! Our team couldn’t be prouder of her for her accomplishment.

Anna’s role in the Purchasing department involves managing purchases for our Warehouse packaging processes, ensuring our inventory of packaging materials is properly maintained, and cross-referencing different vendors to ensure we get the best prices for the materials we buy. Anna is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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