Baltazar M.


“I’m enjoying this new experience at Nature Fresh Farms, where I hope to work well with the team and contribute to the company’s growth.”

Born and raised as the son of farmers in the center of Mexico, Baltazar M. was always interested in plants. He decided to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Plant Science, after which he began working in the Mexican greenhouse farming industry for 8 years growing Tomatoes, Peppers, and Cucumbers. In 2019, Baltazar took an opportunity to come to Canada and join our Growing team!

Canada was the ideal place for Baltazar to expand his greenhouse knowledge and expertise: “Canada has one of the top high-tech greenhouse industries in the world. and as this is my field of expertise, it was a natural decision to come to Canada. It has been a great experience applying my knowledge about greenhouse production and at the same time improving my skills.”

Baltazar is always on the lookout for learning and growth opportunities: “I’m always looking for new ways to improve how we grow in our greenhouse environment. And Nature Fresh Farms has given me the opportunity to show that I can contribute to the company with my experience and knowledge, as well as the chance to grow professionally and offer a better service to the company.”

To keep himself busy outside of work, Baltazar likes reading articles and news on different topics such as science, the motor industry, renewable energies, and politics. He also enjoys playing basketball, biking, going for car rides, watching movies, and cooking delicious Mexican meals!

As a member of our Growing team, Baltazar’s main responsibility is to help create the perfect growing environment for our plants. Every day, Baltazar calibrates settings in our climate control system, prepares the nutrient mixture for plant irrigation, and helps coordinate our pest management efforts. Baltazar is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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