Becky N.


“What sticks out to me the most about Nature Fresh Farms is how great the people are here.”

Becky N. grew up in Leamington, ON and has worked in two of the community’s most common industries – welding and greenhouses. For a while Becky worked for her father’s welding company in a bookkeeping role, but he recently encouraged her to try something different before committing to that line of work. That is what brought Becky to our team in 2019 – she is now based in our Warehouses and working on our Packing lines!

Even with no previous experience working in a Warehouse setting, Becky has developed her skills quickly in order to excel: “I’ve learned you must pay very close attention to everything that is happening on the line because it is a fast-paced, busy environment. You also have to keep everything clean and well-organized – staying on top of everything keeps the whole team happy.”

Every day is a little different, which is something Becky likes about her job: “I really enjoy meeting and talking with different people all the time. Everyone is very nice, not quick to judge, and easy to talk to. I also look at each day and know there’s a good chance I’ll learn something new – I like that.”

Recently, Becky’s family moved to a property with more land, and with that move came the purchasing of horses! Becky is looking forward to training and riding the family’s new horses in the coming months, as well as possibly going on a trip in the summer with friends.

When packing fresh produce, Becky knows she needs to take extra care with whatever tasks come her way. After all, packing produce is an important step in the supply chain process that needs to be completed with precision and carefulness! Becky is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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