Ben F.


“I’ve never worked at another company where they grow people as much as they do here.”

With experience in both fresh produce and metal fabrication, Ben has become very familiar with the farming sector in Leamington, ON. He enjoyed work in both sectors, but when Ben and his wife started growing their family, his perspective on life changed – he decided that finding work in fresh produce was the best way for him to provide well for his family.

Ben’s current position in the Commodities department challenges him every day: “I like to keep my mind active, which makes my work in Allocation very rewarding. We are constantly problem solving and working together to ensure everyone knows the day’s schedule and what’s needed for successful produce shipments and arrivals.”

For Ben, Nature Fresh Farms is a company built on opportunity and respect: “As soon as I started working here, I knew there were many opportunities for growth. This company is also very respectable towards their employees – they are great to work for.”

A family man, Ben puts a lot of value on the time he gets to spend with his wife and children. He is excited to welcome a 5th child to their growing family later this year, as well as to take an upcoming vacation together to Tennessee!

As our Commodities Manager, Ben is constantly planning with the rest of the Commodities team to ensure everyone involved in our supply chain, from farm-level to distribution-level, is aware of shipment times, packing schedules, and order requirements. Ben also supports the Repack team, providing them with any information they may need to succeed. Ben is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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