Benny T.


“Nature Fresh Farms has been my second home for 14 years – almost half my life.”

Benny T. has always been surrounded by agriculture – most members of his family have worked in the industry at some time or another, and before he came to our farm, Benny worked with field-grown Tomato crops. When he was hired to our team, Benny helped us build our third greenhouse, and later became a part of our Growing team!

Although Benny has now worked at Nature Fresh Farms for 14 years, he has worked in our trial greenhouse since 2010: “John K. noticed my mind wasn’t solely focused on growing – that I was also very interested in trials. At the time, we were starting to develop our trial program to support Nature Fresh Farms Sales, so the timing was perfect.”

Spending most of his days in the Discovery Center, Benny is constantly on the hunt for the next big thing in fresh produce: “I couldn’t say no when given the opportunity to work with our trials. I love trying new things, and that is the main part of my job – getting to test new varieties and crops every year. I’m really excited about some of the new varieties we’re trialing this year – big things are coming!”

Whatever free time Benny has, he usually spends with his friends and family, doing yardwork, organizing a summer beach volleyball league, and playing volleyball, baseball, and hockey.

As a member of our Discovery Center team, Benny is tasked with discovering new seed varieties, organizing spreadsheets with data from our trial programs, and communicating information to our team about how the different trials are developing. Benny is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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