Brenda N.


“The amount of value I have felt at Nature Fresh Farms has been extraordinary. The team has been overwhelmingly thoughtful and has honestly made me feel like I have been here forever.”

The youngest of six children, Brenda N.’s parents immigrated from what is now known as Serbia to Kingsville to provide a better life for their children. Agriculture is in Brenda’s roots as some of the first employment her parents found after arriving was picking Roma Tomatoes, mushrooms, and other produce locally.

Brenda attributes her work ethic and determination to the strong example her parents set for her: “My parents always taught us that if we wanted something we had to go out and work for it. Nothing came for free, so it has always been important for me to maintain a job and work for everything I have.”

Having started in Agriculture as a Quality Control Receiver in 2013, Brenda hopes her journey to becoming a Retail Sales Account Manager can inspire women of all ages: “A quote I live by is ‘be so good they can’t ignore you. I really want women to see my story and know their goals are attainable as long as we continue to push and break through the barriers that exist in our society.”

Brenda has a close family support system including her parents and siblings with who she enjoys spending her free time. It is also important to Brenda to find moments throughout the week to unplug and take a walk to clear her mind.

As a Retail Sales Account Manager, Brenda builds relationships with clients to bring new business to our team. Brenda’s personable nature and ability to form trusting bonds are critical assets that help get our produce from the farm to shelves. Brenda is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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