Bri-Anna J.


“Working in the greenhouse farming industry gave me the stability to raise my family.”

Growing up, Bri-Anna J. was always fascinated by nature and insects. That passion stuck with her when she went off to study, attaining degrees in both Biology and Plant Physiology. After her schooling was complete, Bri-Anna came home to southern Ontario to find work and settle down, and that’s when she discovered and started working in greenhouses!

Her childhood interest in bugs, flowers, and plants made pursuing a career in greenhouse agriculture a perfect fit for Bri-Anna: “When I was young, I used to measure insects and plants every day in the summer to watch them grow. And now, working at Nature Fresh Farms, I can pursue my life-long passion and make a career from working with insects.”

To excel as a Bio Scout, Bri-Anna needs to use the skills and knowledge she has developed over the years as an insect enthusiast: “I have a good ‘bug eye’ which allows me to spot small insects in the crops. This allows me to quickly catch any unpleasant ones and take the right steps to manage the problem.”

Bri-Anna, her partner, and their two young boys enjoy working on their family’s hobby farm in their free time – they currently have 3 goats, 4 ducks, many chickens, and a pot-belly pig named Kevin Bacon! Bri-Anna is also about to become a certified yoga instructor!

As a member of our Bio Scout team, it is up to Bri-Anna to find any bad bugs or diseases within our crops as quickly as possible. If anything Is discovered, Bri-Anna quickly Informs our Growing team and helps work towards implementing a strategy for proper pest management. Bri-Anna is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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