Brittany M.


“I can’t walk away from something if I haven’t given it my best effort.”

Brittany M. grew up in Owen Sound, ON and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2017 majoring in Global Studies and Film Studies. Right after graduation, Brittany found a student position as part of our Greenhouse Education Center (GEC) crew – and that led her to secure a full-time position with our Marketing team the following year!

Before working at our company, Brittany didn’t even know the greenhouse industry existed in Ontario: “Even though I grew up in a rural area, the only farms I knew were cattle and cash crop. Greenhouse farming was completely new to me when I found work in the industry – but now that I’m here, I realize how huge it is!”

The people have truly made Brittany’s experience at Nature Fresh Farms special: “I have met some of the best people at this company. Since I moved to a new place where I knew no one, the people of Nature Fresh Farms have helped me feel welcome and supported every single day. I’m so lucky to know and work with people so dedicated and hardworking.”

This is a year of growth and learning for Brittany – both personally and professionally. She is focusing on growing in her faith, personal health, relationships, and professional skill-set. She believes you should never stop learning!

As a Content Specialist, Brittany is responsible for creating the written content that is published across the different platforms we use, including social media, our website, and email. She works closely with the rest of the Marketing team to help create brand loyalty and awareness, wearing many different hats in the process. Brittany is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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