Chelsea I.


“Nature Fresh Farms is so family-oriented, which I really admire.”

Born and raised in Wheatley, ON, Chelsea I. watched the greenhouse farming sector grow up with and expand around her! After attending the University of Windsor for English Language and Literature, Chelsea decided to find a full-time job in a local greenhouse to help pay off her student loans. Chelsea started in our company’s Pest Management department but later transitioned into a new role as the Executive Assistant to our farm’s General Manager!

Since realizing this company was a great fit for her, Chelsea has worked hard to apply her skills to any task she has been given: “When I discovered what a tight-knit community Nature Fresh Farms was, I knew I’d love to stay and work my way up in the company. In my current role, I have to take initiative, pay close attention to detail, and remain flexible and calm under pressure.”

Our focus on family stood out to Chelsea as something special about Nature Fresh Farms: “The people here really care about family: whether it’s their own families, or helping out families in the community, or just overall providing families in our community with fresh and healthy veggies. It’s a stable yet progressive company that is always looking towards the future, and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Chelsea’s three favorite things are cooking, reading, and being outside, so this is how most of her free time is spent. Chelsea is also a self-proclaimed nerd with a bit of a shopping addiction!

In her Executive Assistant position, Chelsea prides herself on being able to properly manage time, pay attention to details, and complete her tasks efficiently. By excelling in these three areas while completing projects with a strong work ethic, Chelsea helps our General Manager stay organized and focused. Chelsea is one of out #GrowToPeople.

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