Chelsea P.

Human Resources

“I get to work in an environment that looks like a beautiful spring day all year long – who wouldn’t love that?”

Chelsea P. grew up in northern Ohio, and since most of her family still lives there, she knew she wanted to raise her own family in the same area. That’s why Chelsea was excited to find a job she loves in the region she grew up in – she is currently our Lead HR Generalist at our farm in Delta, OH!

In 2009, Chelsea enrolled in college, even though she was initially unsure about the career path she wanted to pursue. But after some guidance from the Dean of Business, she tried her hand at Human Resources: “The Dean recommended I try Human Resources once he knew I liked business and working with people. After my first HR class, I knew it was the perfect career path for me.”

For Chelsea, there is a lot to love about working at Nature Fresh Farms: “I am very proud when I tell people I work for a growing and innovative company, and I’m happy that I have been given the chance to finally find a career in my chosen path. Plus, I get to work in an environment that looks like a beautiful spring day all year long!”

Chelsea now has two kids, Josslyn and Jackson, who she loves exploring with during her free time – they often take family trips to different lakes in Indiana and Michigan and go hiking in Hocking Hills, OH. It is their current goal to visit all the waterfalls in Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan!

One of the most important parts of Chelsea’s role is to help with the onboarding and hiring process – she ensures that new team members are given the support and resources they need to start off on the right foot. Chelsea also oversees employee benefits and helps to maintain compliance with different state agencies. Chelsea is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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