Chris D.

Shipping & Receiving

“This company has not only provided me with a job, but with a career.”

Chris D. didn’t always work in the trucking industry – he owned his own business until 2014, and tried his hand at work in sales, as well. But with eight months as a NatureFresh™ Truck Driver under his belt by last winter, he started seeking out more responsibility and learning more about operations at our Leamington Distribution Center.

The more he experienced, the more he enjoyed working on the floor: “I learned so much about the business during that time, so I jumped at the chance to become a Supervisor when the opportunity presented itself earlier this year.”

Along with being hardworking and driven, Chris is big on spending time with family and friends. Two of his most defining moments? The day he got married, and the day he held his son for the first time. Chris truly embodies the value of family-grown.

As a Shipping Supervisor, you’ll find Chris in action somewhere inside our Distribution Center, ensuring our produce makes the trip from our farm to your family’s table safely and efficiently. He is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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