Chris M.


“It’s nice to work at a company where the employees are so close and connected.”

Chris M. has lived in the Fulton County area since first grade when his family moved from Toledo, OH. After attending college and changing his career plans, Chris started working at our Delta-based greenhouse. His original plans were to go into a different field, but Chris decided to stay at NatureFresh™ because he discovered a job he loves – and the rest, they say, is history!

When Chris was away at college, he started to realize he didn’t know exactly what kind of career he wanted to pursue: “I was going through a time in my life where I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. Luckily, I came across NatureFresh™ and was able to find a field of work that I really enjoy!”

The company culture at NatureFresh™ is something Chris considers to be pretty unique: “Working in the produce industry, you see your coworkers quite a bit each week, so it’s nice to work for a company whose employees are so close and connected. NatureFresh™ is a work environment that feels almost like family.”

When Chris isn’t hard at work in our Warehouse, he is spending time with friends and family, playing golf, and watching football and basketball. Chris is also on the hunt to buy his first house this year!

Between working as a Gatekeeper and as a part of the Allocation team, Chris has a lot of details and numbers to keep organized, and a lot of people to keep in contact with. Whether it’s discussing product quality with our Line Leaders, or relaying availability to our Sales team, communication is a major part of Chris’s role. He is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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