Chris S.


“One of my defining moments has been transitioning from Packhouse Manager to a member of the Growing team!”

Chris S. grew up working in his father’s flower greenhouse 30 minutes north-east of Delta, OH, so his interest in greenhouses and growing began at a young age. He chose to study agriculture when he went to school, and before long, Chris knew he wanted to pursue a career in the greenhouse vegetable industry.

When he heard that NatureFresh™ was coming to Delta in 2015, Chris S. applied for a Quality Control position and was hired on to the team! Chris worked hard and quickly moved up the company ladder to the Packhouse Manager position. Most recently, Chris has joined the Growing team – a new role he is truly passionate about.

The transition process has been full of learning curves, but Chris wouldn’t have it any other way: “Going from managing an area and being in charge to learning a whole new side of the business and learning from everyone else has been a big change. But NatureFresh™ offered me this opportunity and has supported me, giving me all the resources and training along the way to be successful.”

Growing Tomatoes isn’t the only thing keeping Chris busy – him and his fiancée also own and operate a 15-horse training facility for jumping horses and equestrian students in Whitmore Lake, Michigan! Talk about dedication!

Chris can be found in the greenhouse caring for our Tomato plants, making sure they are growing with the proper light settings, irrigation levels, and temperature control. He is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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