Cory T.


“I love to get creative and push the envelope with food.”

Cory T. started working with food at the young age of 14, but his career path before joining the Nature Fresh Farms Kitchen team allowed him to have lots of different experiences. From attending culinary school in Windsor, ON, to working in the kitchen at a golf and country club, to being the co-owner of a local food truck, Cory has cooked his fair share of delicious food over the years!

The parts Cory enjoys most about working in a kitchen environment are the energy and the endless opportunities for experimenting: “I love the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen–it’s like controlled chaos. I hold myself to a very high standard with cooking, but that’s just because I am passionate about what I do!”

The value our company places on each individual employee was one of the first things that stood out to Cory: “There is a really good sense of community here, no matter what your role, you’re a valued part of this company. Everyone is valued, and you can tell that by the way people are at work: everyone is always genuine and smiling!”

One of Cory’s most defining moments was when his daughter was born, so it’s no surprise that much of his free time is spent hanging out with his wife and daughter! But Cory also enjoys playing softball and golf in the summertime.

While much of Cory’s role in our Kitchen involves being creative with food preparation and ensuring the highest quality food is served to our team, he also needs to stay flexible and organized so he can tackle each day’s unique challenges. Cory is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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