Cristobal A.


“I love that we are part of feeding the world.”

Cristobal A. grew up around agriculture – since he was a kid, his parents produced corn and bean crops on a family farm, and he was always interested in the growing process. When it was time for him to go to school, Cristobal moved 900 kilometers away from home to attend university where he got a degree in Agricultural Science. In 2013, Cristobal officially started working in the greenhouse industry!

When he first started in the greenhouse sector, Cristobal knew he had found his calling: “Since my first step inside a greenhouse, I got a feeling that was telling me: ‘This is going to be your life’. I think growing food in the agricultural sector is one of the worthiest activities that a person can perform.”

Nature Fresh Farms presented Cristobal with endless opportunities to grow: “This company has given me the opportunity to change my life, but also the life of my family. It also represents opportunities to keep learning from people with a lot of experience. Finally, it represents growth both professionally and personally.”

To relax, Cristobal enjoys spending time with family, practicing sports, and going for runs. A big goal of Cristobal’s this year is to qualify for the New York City Marathon!

It is essential for Assistant Growers like Cristobal to provide the best climate conditions possible for our crops so that we can push them to their maximum potential while keeping them strong and healthy. Every day, Cristobal and the rest of the Growing team ensure each plant gets exactly what it needs to produce high-quality, nutritious food. Cristobal is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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