Dalton M.


“Nature Fresh Farms gave me an opportunity that I don’t intend to let go to waste.”

Before finding a job with our team in the produce industry, Dalton M. worked at a local turbine plant. When it closed in 2019 and Dalton found himself looking for work, a friend of his told him about some open positions at Nature Fresh Farms. Dalton applied, and he is now a dedicated member of our Shipping and Receiving team!

There are some key skills that Dalton has developed that help him excel as a Receiving Lead: “I am very determined and dedicated, but I think one of my best skills is that I’m a people person. I get along with everyone on our team and with people in other departments as well, which helps things move smoothly.”

For Dalton, one of the best parts about his role is getting to do a lot of hands-on, meaningful work: “To be honest, I enjoy hands-on jobs. Working in the Shipping and Receiving department is very hands-on, which makes the job more enjoyable. Also, produce is something that everyone eats, so it is kind of like you’re helping feed everyone. And we’re going through all of today’s challenges together as a team.”

Most of Dalton’s free time is spent with his kids. He is hoping to take a stay at home vacation where he can spend some extra quality time with them this year!

As a member of our Shipping and Receiving team, Dalton cannot stress enough how important it is for him to pay close attention to detail when checking loads being received, counting the amount of produce we have on hand, and the logistics behind all our Receiving processes. Dalton is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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