Dave B.


“This company isn’t just another greenhouse farm – it’s a community and it’s family.”

Dave B. has lived in Leamington, ON his entire life, which meant he had the opportunity to watch as hundreds of acres of greenhouse farms were built in the region over the last few decades. Although he grew up around them, Dave never thought he would pursue a full-time career at a greenhouse farm – that is, until he applied and was hired to join the Nature Fresh Farms team!

After high school, Dave decided to start in another popular industry in southwestern Ontario: “When I finished high school, I mostly stuck to the metal fabrication industry. It was only last year that I decided I wanted a career change and that I wanted to try a career in greenhouse farming. It’s unreal to think about what greenhouse farming used to be and what it has become.”

It was passion and opportunity that drove Dave to pursue a career at Nature Fresh Farms: “I’ve seen what greenhouses have evolved into and it is incredible. There are so many opportunities to grow and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. I have a few friends that worked here before I did, and I saw how passionate they were to work for this company – that’s a big reason why I started thinking about switching careers.”

With his free time, Dave enjoys staying fit and getting active whenever he can. Whether he is at the gym or playing sports like softball and golf, Dave is all about living an active lifestyle!

Ensuring our pack lines are running efficiently, quality standards are being met, and a safe and clean work environment is constantly maintained are all important aspects of Dave’s role as a Warehouse Supervisor. Dave is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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