Dave F.


“I work for the best company in the area – they believe in me and allow me to provide for my family.”

Moving to Canada in 1989, Dave F. grew up in Blenheim, ON and worked on a field farm for most of his adolescence. After finishing high school, Dave attended Ridgetown College for a 2-year Agriculture program, and in 2003, he started working as an Assistant Manager at an apple orchard in Leamington, ON. In 2006, Dave found a new job at Nature Fresh Farms – and he has been with us ever since!

When Dave first applied at our farm, he applied for a Packing Line Supervisor position – but ended up in a very different role: “A few weeks after I applied, I got a call on a Tuesday night from a Manager at Nature Fresh Farms asking me if I would be interested in learning how to run biomass boilers. On Wednesday, I toured the biomass boiler room, and on Thursday morning, I started my career in the Energy department! I haven’t looked back since.”

In the early years of running our biomass boilers, Dave had to learn quickly and persevere: “There was a lot to learn at the beginning but by paying close attention to detail and being very meticulous, I was able to take on more and more in my position. Now that I’ve worked in our Energy department for so long and we’ve hired more people, I can focus on ensuring we always meet the overall energy needs of our farm.”

For Dave, the three most important things in his life are his faith, his family, and his career. His free time is spent with his family (his wife and two daughters), serving at his church, barbecuing, camping with friends, and wood-working.

As our Energy Manager, Dave is responsible for ensuring we have enough heat and CO2 for the plants, managing cost of electricity, and sourcing clean waste wood for our biomass boilers. Thank you to Dave and his team for helping us keep our lights on and our plants warm! Dave is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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