Davinder S.


“Canada teaches you the value of hard work.”

Davinder S. made the move from India to Canada in 2015. After completing his Bachelor of Technology at Punjab Technical University and working in the IT field for a few years, his family wanted to pursue a new and exciting life halfway across the world.

When he first arrived in Canada, Davinder had a difficult time finding a job in the IT field. He described it as being stuck in a proverbial swamp: “Think of a situation where you are stuck in a swamp, and someone comes along and takes you out of it – that ‘someone’ for me was Nature Fresh Farms.”.

After finding a full-time job in a field he is passionate about, Davinder’s wife was finally able to join him in Canada—a big moment for him and his family this year…

According to Davinder, one of the most appealing parts about living and working in Canada is how Canadians approach problems. Rather than going to an auto shop to get a car fixed, or calling a plumber for a leaky sink, Davinder notes how Canadians first try to fix things on their own: “Living and working in Canada means you learn the true value of hard work and fixing things yourself.”

Davinder now works full-time in the Nature Fresh Farms IT department, keeping our team connected and ensuring we all know how to use the innovative technology and programs that are introduced throughout our operations. He is one of the #GrowToPeople!”

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