Edim L.


“Nature Fresh Farms has given me the opportunity to continue developing my passion for agriculture.”

In 2014, Edim L. and his family moved to Canada from Guatemala. Edim has always been surrounded by agriculture, but in Guatemala, the foods being grown are very different than those grown in North America. With a true passion for agriculture and sustainability, Edim has enjoyed his experience at our farms learning about growing Tomatoes and Peppers in a sustainable greenhouse environment!

His grandfather’s small farm is what initially got Edim interested in the agricultural field: “In Guatemala, I worked in agriculture for many years after getting my college degree in Agronomist Studies, my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and certifications in Organic Inspection and various sustainability initiatives. My expertise is in coffee trees, cocoa, sugar cane, and rubber tree growing. But my grandfather is the one who showed me the hard work needed to be successful when growing all types of food.”

Edim is constantly looking for more learning opportunities: “My passion has always been agriculture, and my motto is ‘learn by doing’. This year I have learned a lot from my colleagues about growing Peppers and Tomatoes, and in turn, I like to teach others the life lessons I’ve learned.”

Since he came to Canada, Edim believes 2019 has been his best year yet! He has enjoyed his work and developing in his role, but in his spare time, he has also enjoyed spending time with this family and reading new books on literature and science.

In his role as a Greenhouse Supervisor, Edim is responsible for ensuring both himself and his team comply with weekly schedules to achieve proper crop management. It is also important to Edim that he does everything he can to help our company meet our short and long-term goals. Edim is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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