Edin S.


“It feels really good to be working somewhere where everyone is really nice and helps each other out.”

When he was still living in Guatemala, Edin S. worked in a flower greenhouse. However, when he came to Canada three years ago, he was searching for a new job in a different field of work. Soon after arriving, Edin joined the Nature Fresh Farms team in our Leamington-based Distribution Center. Although he is still working in the greenhouse farming industry, he enjoys working on the supply chain side!

Edin believes his younger self would love the work he does as a Forklift Driver: “Ever since I was little I’ve enjoyed driving and machines, so I really like being a Forklift Driver because I get to drive all day and work with big machinery. One thing people tell me is that I’m fast, but very careful at the same time – I think that’s really important.”

When he hears someone say the name Nature Fresh Farms, Edin believes they’re talking about one of the best greenhouse farms in our region: “I’m very thankful for this company and it feels really good to be working here. My bosses are very nice, and I appreciate everything they have done to help me here. It is nice to see how well Nature Fresh Farms treats their team.”

With a love for driving, Edin spends a lot of his free time watching racing competitions on TV and driving fast cars whenever he gets a chance! Edin also enjoys hanging out with friends while barbecuing.

As a Forklift Driver, it is Edin’s job to ensure he transports produce within our Distribution Center cautiously, yet efficiently. When moving produce, Edin also always checks to make sure he is moving the right amount of products, that no produce is damaged during transport, and that it arrives where it needs to be on time. Edin is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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