Edwin V.

Guest Worker

“I am proud to work for Nature Fresh Farms because they use their resources as a large company to provide an opportunity for my family and I to flourish.”

Prior to coming to Canada, Edwin V. gained experience farming beans, corn, and other produce in his home of Guatemala. The father of 7 children has been working in our greenhouses for 6 years to provide better opportunities for his family than he grew up with.

Edwin chose to come to Canada as a Guest Worker on a mission to work hard and prepare for a bright future: “Living in Guatemala, it can be tough to find consistent work. This makes it very hard to plan for the future when you are just getting by. My dream is to one day provide plots of land for all of my children to build homes on and raise families of their own.”

Edwin has developed a determined work ethic over the years that helps him excel in his role: “I tackle every day with hard work and determination to complete my tasks. Whether it’s cleaning up or picking the tomatoes I like to make sure my tasks are done as it is expected to keep our production moving.”

For Edwin, the most important thing he does in his free time is talk with his family back home. Edwin also enjoys playing soccer, watching movies, and relaxing in his spare time.
As one of our General Laborers, it is Edwin’s responsibility to tackle a range of crop maintenance tasks with speed and care. Edwin is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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