Eric F.


“We’re bringing the freshest of produce to North American markets!”

In high school, Eric F. originally thought he wanted to be a millwright. However, after a few years, Eric chose to go back to school for a Bachelor of Commerce program at the University of Windsor. He decided to further his education and continued on to complete his Master’s degree in Business Administration, and in 2019, he joined our Purchasing team!

Exploring a different career path has been a positive experience for Eric: “I had originally gone to school for Accounting, but after graduating, I wanted to try my hand at something different. The Purchasing department has been a great fit for me because it is number based and analytical, but also provides me with a lot of exposure to different people across the whole organization. I like learning about what’s going on in the company and being able to collaborate with people both internally and externally.”

Eric enjoys working in the fast-paced Purchasing environment: “In this role you need to have a strong work ethic and be able to problem solve well. I may not always have the answer right away, but I will find the answer and come with a solution. Being able to switch gears is also important in a busy department like this!”

One of Eric’s favorite things to do in his spare time is build and tinker with everything from furniture to computer programs. And here’s another fun fact about Eric: he met his future wife at the University of Windsor during his Master’s program!

As a member of our Purchasing team, Eric is responsible for ensuring we have all the right products on hand at the right time and for the right price. He also works hard to maintain good working relationships between our company and our vendors. Eric is one of our #GrowtoPeople!

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