Fatih D.


“Since day one at NatureFresh™. I’ve felt very welcome.”

Growing up in Windsor, ON, Fatih D. has always loved where he lives – he has found a lot of opportunities in southwestern Ontario, especially in the IT field. Since he started at our Leamington greenhouses in 2017, Fatih has helped our team stay connected and has been a helpful resource for our entire team.

When Fatih was younger, he remembers constantly being asked by family and friends to help them with their computers: “I love working in the IT department at NatureFresh™. My family and friends would always come to me for help with their computers or other devices, and so I figured why not make a career out of it?”

Since his first day, Fatih has felt at home at NatureFresh™: “It’s not only a job for me, but a career and a sense of family. Over the past two years of being here, I’ve had a great pleasure in meeting and getting to know everyone.”

To say that spending time with his family, friends, and girlfriend is important to Fatih is an understatement. When his father passed away a couple years ago, he knew he had to look out for his family and continue to do well by them: “It was the first time I had lost someone really significant to me. Since my dad passed away, I’ve been taking care of my mother and looking out for my sister’s best interests, as well.”

As a Network Technician at our greenhouse operation, Fatih’s first priority is to ensure every single member of our team is able to use the software and hardware provided to them without any issues. He’s always available for our team to ask questions, and works hard to keep all our IT components running smoothly every single day. Fatih is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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