Frank M.


“With the growth plans we have here, I can really see a future for myself with the Nature Fresh Farms team!”

Frank M. and his family lived in Manitoba and Texas before they decided to settle in southern Ontario. Growing up, Frank was always involved with agriculture, but when he got older, he dabbled in the commercial trucking industry and construction. But when Frank found his way back to agriculture in 2012, he knew he had rediscovered what he truly loves.

The agriculture industry is dynamic and full of opportunity – which is why Frank was so drawn to it: “I chose this field because it will always be in demand and I enjoy having a hand in producing the best tasting veggies around!”

Becoming an Assistant Grower has been an exciting journey for Frank: “I heard of an opportunity from friends working at Nature Fresh Farms, and I jumped at the chance to work for a company that is so highly spoken of in the Leamington community. I’m absorbing so much information – I want to become the best Assistant Grower possible.”

A fun fact about Frank is that camping is one of his greatest passions – him and his wife will be going on a week-long camping trip this summer that involves a 13-kilometer portage trip just to get to their camp site!

In our newest Tomato greenhouse in Leamington, ON, Frank will work alongside the rest of the Growing team to ensure our crop of Specialty Tomatoes and Tomatoes-on-the-Vine have a successful first season! Frank is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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