Fredy P.


“I feel listened to and part of a great team.”

Ever since he started his studies at university, Fredy P. has been interested in the field of greenhouse management and the high-tech side of greenhouse growing. His interest in the industry has fed Fredy’s motivation to acquire the knowledge needed to succeed. After a lot of hard work and dedication, Fredy is now a member of our Growing team working at our newest greenhouse in Leamington, ON!

One of Fredy’s favorite parts about working at a greenhouse is facing and overcoming challenges: “You need to have a lot of knowledge to deal with the daily challenges of a greenhouse crop. Every day is different, which makes it impressive when we can overcome new challenges every single day.”

At Nature Fresh Farms, Fredy feels welcome and empowered: “This company has given me a great opportunity to continue growing professionally and personally. I like that it’s a multicultural environment where you can feel listened to and know that you are part of a team that is doing great things.”

When Fredy isn’t at work, he likes to unwind and spend time off his feet. He loves listening to his favorite music and taking a relaxing day for himself!

As one of our Assistant Growers in our newest Leamington greenhouse, Fredy and the Growing team will be responsible for creating the perfect conditions for our crop and ensuring the quality of the produce we grow meets our highest standards of excellence. Fredy is always there to support his team so they can achieve their many goals – he is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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