Guillermo C.


“Since childhood agriculture has been all around me – not just the business of agriculture, but family agriculture.”

Growing up in Mexico, Guillermo C. was always surrounded by agriculture and family-run farms. Guillermo and his father grew a large variety of crops together, which in turn grew Guillermo’s love for agriculture. As soon as he realized he could pursue a career in the farming sector, Guillermo went to college and soon after began working in greenhouse farming!

Working closely with his father encouraged Guillermo’s love for farming to flourish: “Our family grew corn, zucchini, beans, onions, beetroot, garlic, peas, and even cactus! Although farming can be tiring, I started to feel love for the growing process. When I was 12, I discovered I could go to school for agriculture, so fate led me to study it in Chapingo , MX.”

At Nature Fresh Farms Guillermo enjoys spending time with our plants and learning more about greenhouse farming, with knowledge being gained every single day: “Growing Tomatoes every day gives me the chance to learn more about this crop. Nature Fresh Farms is a place where I feel comfortable to keep growing my knowledge and understanding in this area.”

In his free time, Guillermo likes to be with his family. They enjoy travelling to new places together, trying new things, playing chess, and watching movies.

Guillermo’s main responsibility with our crops is to understand what the plant is trying to tell us every day – if it is active, in balance, strong, weak, or in any other condition. Guillermo knows that the secret to growing well is finding the best way to use tools like light, irrigation, temperature, and humidity to create the perfect environment for our plants to grow. Guillermo is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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