Helen H.


“From working with new technology on the Packing line, to learning how to work with different people, this area of work has provided me with a lot of new learning opportunities.”

Three years after Helen H. and her family came to Canada, Helen started working with fresh produce. She started with greenhouse planting and harvesting, but since it was more seasonal work, Helen started working full-time packing produce in a Warehouse. In 2016, Helen joined the Nature Fresh Farms team and is now one of our Warehouse Supervisors!

Helen had a busy year in 2019 as she started working in our newest Leamington-based Warehouse, and her skills have made it both a busy and successful year: “I think my strength as a Supervisor is making sure that everything gets done on time, while also ensuring that the employees feel good about their positions here. I’m looking forward to packing lots of fresh produce in 2020!”

Since starting at Nature Fresh Farms Helen has become very close with her team: “I have made a lot of friends here, and they have become like a family to me. We spend a lot of our time together, working towards the same goal. Everyone is also very friendly.”

In 2019 Helen celebrated her wedding, so in her spare time, she enjoys being at her new house cooking, cleaning, and organizing. Helen is also a Sunday School teacher and regularly attends a youth group – both of which help her stay connected to her community.

As a Warehouse Supervisor, Helen ensures that we have enough product for our orders, that the orders get shipped on time to the proper place, and most importantly, that the produce is of the highest quality. However, one of the crucial parts of Helen’s job is making sure her team is doing their jobs correctly and that they feel happy in their workplace. Helen is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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