Helen H.


“The agricultural industry has given my family and I the chance to have a good life in Canada.”

Twenty-two years ago, Helen H. immigrated to Canada as a newly-single mother of three. To support her family, Helen found work in the agriculture industry – specifically in a flower greenhouse. But in 2012, when the flower farm Helen worked at had to close, she found a new job at Nature Fresh Farms. Since then, Helen has worked hard to develop her skills within our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program!

When she first came to Canada, Helen chose a job in agriculture because there were many positions available: “Jobs in farming were readily available when I first moved here. However, once I started working with plants, I began to really enjoy it. After all these years, I’m still learning new things and finding my work interesting.”

Her children are Helen’s whole world, but the people at Nature Fresh Farms are like family to her, as well: “The people here care about and help each other out. After seven years at Nature Fresh Farms, I consider the farm a second home and my co-workers a second family.”

Family is incredibly important to Helen – spending time with her children and grandchildren has created many special moments in her life. While her family is her priority, she is also dedicated to growing her faith and spirituality – Helen has a great value for the support she gives and receives within her local church community.

As a Scout Supervisor for all our greenhouses in Leamington, ON, Helen ensures our Bio Scouts have the tools, supplies, and support they need to effectively manage pests in our facilities. Helen is also responsible for proper ordering and distribution of our beneficial biologicals (or good bugs) and reporting the status of our plants to our Growers. Helen is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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