Isaak F.


“This company has given me the drive to be not only a good employee, but a good husband and father for my family.”

Isaak F. grew up in Bolivia, and when he was 16, he came to Canada with his whole family. They moved to Canada for a better life and more opportunity. On a visit back to Bolivia, Isaak met his wife and brought her back to Canada with him. Isaak then started learning about the agricultural industry in Canada – soon it will be twenty years since he started working in greenhouses!

Agriculture has always felt like a natural fit for Isaak: “I grew up on a farm and my childhood memories are of being on tractors and farming fields. Obviously, producing food in the greenhouse differs from my beginnings in Bolivia, but both are aimed at producing healthy food for families.”

New challenges, opportunities, and projects are what keeps Isaak excited about his role at Nature Fresh Farms: “I like to take on new challenges, and that’s why this company is a good fit for me. Things here are always expanding and changing, so my job always keeps me interested. I’ve also taken on more responsibilities in my role as a Greenhouse Supervisor, and I am always looking forward to being part of our company’s new endeavors!”

Family is huge for Isaak – he has 5 children, so he spends a lot of his free time doing activities with them. Isaak’s eldest is his only boy, and he coaches his travel baseball, keeping their family busy half of the year. Isaak’s whole family enjoys baseball trips around Southwestern Ontario, Michigan, and Ohio!

Although Isaak’s position as a Greenhouse Supervisor is centered around helping us grow healthy produce, he believes his most important responsibility is to keep his team working well together. His staff is made up of many different cultural backgrounds, so being able to communicate and understand each other is incredibly important. Isaak is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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