Isaiah J.

Human Resources

“I appreciate that Nature Fresh Farms puts their faith in the younger generation and gives them a chance to succeed.”

Born and raised in Windsor, ON, Isaiah J. decided to attend the University of Windsor and complete his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Business Administration. After working hard to pay off his student debt while still in school, Isaiah graduated in 2020, and soon after joined the Nature Fresh Farms Human Resources team to work with our Guest Workers!

Working in Human Resources in agriculture appealed to Isaiah because of the mix of responsibilities and being able to apply his strongest skills every day: “I like the mix of in-office and physical work; helping our Guest Workers feel more comfortable is also rewarding. I also have good time management skills and an outgoing personality which both help me excel in my role.”

Something Isaiah has really appreciated about Nature Fresh Farms is our willingness to hire young professionals starting their careers: “Nature Fresh Farms will forever be a great point in my life as the company has allowed me to be myself and gave me a chance straight out of university. All I wanted was a chance to prove myself and I’m grateful I get to do my part in a great company.”

Much of Isaiah’s spare time is spent with his husky, Chiquitin, as well as playing basketball and soccer. When he’s feeling at peace, Isaiah enjoys playing the piano—and when he’s mad? The drums!

Working closely with our Guest Workers, Isaiah is responsible for performing a range of Human Resources administration tasks, as well as facilitating employee onboarding and incident reporting. Isaiah is committed to becoming a better worker every day! He is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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