Jakob N.


“What I love about Nature Fresh Farms is that we have people from so many different backgrounds, but we always find a way to communicate and work together.”

Out of all 7 children in his family, Jakob N. is the youngest and only child who was born in Canada. And as a kid whose siblings were quite a bit older than him, Jakob spent a lot of his childhood years playing on his own and building up a wild imagination. Jakob started working in Grade 10, and most recently, he joined the Nature Fresh Farms team and is working in our newest Warehouse in Leamington, ON.

When Jakob works on something, it’s not done until it is perfect: “I am a perfectionist, meaning I can’t stand when things are done sloppily when they could’ve been done better, and I try to do things to the best of my abilities. I can also often see problems before they actually affect me, so I try to work ahead of my problems.”

Working with different people is one of Jakob’s favorite parts about his role: “At Nature Fresh Farms, I feel like where you come from doesn’t matter. We have a very diverse group of people here – we have people from Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Iraq, Jamaica, and there may very well be some that I missed. But the fact that we have people from so many different backgrounds isn’t an obstacle for us. That’s what I love about this company.”

Jakob considers himself to be an amateur car guy, so in his spare time he likes to watch educational videos about cars he has recently seen or is interested in. Jakob is excited to see how the rivalry between gas and electric-powered vehicles unfolds in 2020 and beyond!

Working in the Dry Goods area, it’s up to Jakob to check and make sure we always have enough supplies and boxes to keep packing our products. He also works with our Warehouse Supervisors and Allocation team members to ensure we have the right supplies for any new packaging we will be launching. Jakob is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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