Javier R.

Guest Worker

“The reason I came to Canada was to find a better tomorrow and support my family.”

Originally from Honduras, Javier R. belongs to a large, united family of 14 people who are always there for each other. Javier attended school for IT while living in Honduras, but he had a difficult time finding a job in his field, so he decided to start harvesting corn and beans. Recently, Javier made the choice to come to Canada as a Guest Worker – he has now been working at Nature Fresh Farms for 6 months!

Although it is his first time in Canada, Javier is happy, comfortable, and looking forward to the opportunities he will have here as part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program: “I think Canada is a great place because there are many opportunities here to have a better tomorrow that I wouldn’t have back home in Honduras. I’m going to save as much money as I can here so I can support my family back home.”

Javier has big plans for when he goes back to Honduras: “When I’m done working at Nature Fresh Farms, I’d like to make my own business, maybe buy my own land and harvest some kind of product. My wife also really likes to do hairstyling, so if I can, I’d like to help her also open her own business. I want us to be able to support each other.”

While getting in touch with his family is very important to Javier, he also likes spending his free time travelling to see new places and practicing his English.

As a valued member of our team, Javier is busy each day with a range of crop maintenance tasks. Javier also does his best to respect his Supervisors and fellow workers, pay attention to details while he works, be on time, and work in a clean environment. Javier is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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