Jhonatan S.

Guest Worker

“Nature Fresh Farms has made achieving my goals possible.”

For the last four years, Jhonatan S. has been working at Nature Fresh Farms with Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Jhonatan’s family is very well respected in the community he comes from in Guatemala, and they are happy to support the work he does here in Canada to help them live a better life back home.

Jhonatan chose to work as part of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program because he knew this program would offer him better job opportunities: “In Guatemala there aren’t as many opportunities for people to find the type of work they want to do. That’s why many people from Guatemala come to countries like Canada – they’re looking for a job that will help them make money so they can have a better quality of life when they come back home.”

When Jhonatan thinks of Nature Fresh Farms, he thinks of opportunity: “After I’m done working as part of this program, I know I will have the opportunity to go back to Guatemala and live a better life with my family. I’d like to make my own business back home so I can keep supporting my family like I’ve been able to do while working here.”

For Jhonatan, the most important thing he does in his free time is talk with his family back home. Jhonatan also enjoys shopping, watching movies, and relaxing in his spare time.

Jhonatan knows that, no matter what tasks he is asked to do, he will always get the job done. He also believes in taking responsibility for his work, being on time, and respecting everybody he works with. Jhonatan is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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