Johan H.


“It is always nice to see the team and help each other out wherever we can.”

When he was 12 years old, Johan H. and his family moved to Canada. Johan had no idea how to speak, read, or write in English when his family moved, but he quickly learned and started working once he reached his teenage years. For the last 3 years, Johan H. has been a member of the Nature Fresh Farms team – currently, Johan is our Gatekeeper Lead at our Distribution Center in Leamington, ON!

Over the past 3 years Johan has held a few different positions in our company: “I started off as a Packer working in the Warehouse, then I was a Bin Driver, and then a Greenhouse Supervisor. Now I’m a Gatekeeper Lead, and I was a Gatekeeper for just over a year. I really like working with the Gatekeeper team because there are a lot of different responsibilities and I like growing my skills with each different part of my job.”

The most important thing to know about Johan is he is always trying his best to treat everyone the way he wants to be treated, especially at work: “I try to be nice to everyone no matter their story and believe that everyone deserves happiness and equality. The people here are like family to me and I care about them.”

In his spare time, Johan likes to go for runs, spend time with his family, and read. Since his father passed away, Johan also makes sure he has time to help his mother with raising his younger siblings.

As the Gatekeeper Lead at our Distribution Center, Johan’s most important responsibilities include reviewing labels to ensure they are correctly printed and applied, entering accurate information when recording product inventory, and making sure his team understands new programs and systems being introduced at the Distribution Center. Johan is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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