John H.


“Anyone can find what they love to do at this company.”

John H. has worked at Nature Fresh Farms for ten years, and during his time with us, he has experienced many roles within different areas of our operation. For several years, John was a Grower who took care of our Bell Pepper plants, but in 2017, he wanted to switch things up. When the opportunity presented itself, John made the move to our Sales team!

For John, Nature Fresh Farms is a company that provides its employees with many chances to grow: “There are so many different positions at Nature Fresh Farms, so anyone can find what they love to do here. For me, I was in a good position as a Grower, but something wasn’t clicking. So, when the opportunity came up to move to the Sales team, I took it. Nature Fresh Farms is all about growing people – they will help you find what you love and then train you in that position.”

Family is incredibly important for John – he spends most of his free time with his wife and two kids. John shares that the most defining moments in his life have been when his children were born: “When my first child was born, that’s when I realized that any decision I make would no longer be just about me.” Like many parents, John wants to pass along a strong value for family to his kids.

As a Sales/Retail Account Administrator, John is responsible for supporting our Sales team, maintaining the accounts of our retail partners, and keeping our team productive and efficient. He is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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