Jonathan P.


“Nature Fresh Farms is a company that cares greatly about what ends up on customers’ tables.”

Jonathan P., who has worked in the Maintenance field for over 20 years, loves hunting down problems and finding solutions. Jonathan was hired to perform maintenance on machinery and electrical systems in our Delta, OH Packhouse in 2018 – with lots of automation and efficient new systems to work with, Jonathan faces exciting new challenges every day at Nature Fresh Farms!

For Jonathan, working in Maintenance just makes sense: “It’s something I enjoy and that I’m good at. I enjoy that I get a wide variety of tasks – but doing work with electrical systems is my favorite. It’s very satisfying to walk up to something that isn’t working, fix it, and see it work again!”

Jonathan believes that Nature Fresh Farms is a great place for him to build on his past work experience: “It is very exciting to be working for a growing company like Nature Fresh Farms – there are so many opportunities to learn new systems and build on the experience that I have from working in my past industrial maintenance positions.”

On weeknights and weekends, Jonathan is often busy caring for his 2 pigs, 20 chickens, and 13 rabbits on his farm. He is also often hard at work doing renovations on his house, which used to be a 3-story barn!

On a typical day, Jonathan is working to resolve any issues in our Delta, OH Packhouse And when everything is running smoothly, there are always continuous improvement projects to keep him busy! Jonathan is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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