Jose M.

Guest Worker

“Nature Fresh Farms treats me like family.”

About 24 years ago, Jose M. decided to start working in Canada’s agricultural sector as part of the country’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Before finding his way to Nature Fresh Farms, Jose worked in construction in his home country of Mexico, and then on an apple farm for his first 5 years in Canada. Of all our Guest Workers, Jose has been here the longest – we have been happy to call him a member of the Nature Fresh Farms family for the last 19 years!

The main reason Jose decided to come to work in Canada was for better financial security: “The money is a lot better here in Canada. You can get a job back in Mexico, but the money you can make here is much greater compared to what you’d make back home. When I’m done working in Canada, I’d like to go back to Mexico to be with my wife and kids and be my own boss, maybe open a store.”

Although he is away from his wife and 4 kids while working here in Canada, Nature Fresh Farms has become an extended family for Jose: “Nature Fresh Farms is like a family because they treat me like family. That’s the biggest reason why I’ve stayed working here for so long. I’m happy to be here, and I think this company is happy to have me, too!”

In his free time, Jose enjoys reading and listening to music. He has also been working hard to learn English so he can do even better at work!

Since Jose has been working at Nature Fresh Farms for so long, he has a lot of knowledge that helps him complete any tasks he is given. For Jose, being on time, being efficient with his work, and paying attention to the quality of our products are also very important parts of his job. Jose is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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