Josh N.

Dry Goods

“It makes it a lot easier to come to work when you enjoy what you do and who you do it with.”

Ever since he was little, Josh N. has been surrounded by the greenhouse farming industry. To make some spending money as a kid, Josh would come to the greenhouse where his dad worked and help keep the greenhouse rows clean. He also had a part-time job during high school at our farms, and after a year of college, Josh decided to come back to Nature Fresh Farms and start working with us full-time!

To Josh, the greenhouse farming industry is full of opportunity: “Greenhouse farming and fresh produce have been in my life forever, so I’ve always felt at home here. When I was deciding where to work, Nature Fresh Farms seemed like the obvious choice – I wanted to pursue a career in an industry where I knew opportunities would open themselves up to me.”

The people at Nature Fresh Farms are who Josh believes make a big difference when it comes to our success: “Nature Fresh Farms means to me a place of hard-working individuals who have come together to form an amazing team, a team who strives to achieve excellence in everything that we set our mind to. I really value the workplace friendships that I’ve made here, as well.”

In addition to hanging out with friends while playing D&D and relaxing with his cat Phoenix after a hard day’s work, Josh has a very exciting 2020 to look forward to – he is getting married in August to his fiancée Trisha!

Working in our Distribution Center’s Dry Goods department, Josh ensures that our team has a strong inventory of all dry goods needed for the Production side of our supply chain. Josh is also responsible for the proper and timely loading and shipment of dry goods that are transported throughout our facilities. Josh is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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