Ken Q.


“I’ve been around Nature Fresh Farms pretty much my whole life.”

Even as a kid Ken Q. can remember spending many weekends at Nature Fresh Farms with his uncle and his dad. And when Ken was looking for a job during his high school years and university, he held a range of positions at our company like working on a packing line and as a Gatekeeper. After studying Accounting at university, Ken transitioned into a new role with our Finance team!

With a love for both numbers and business, it made sense to Ken to pursue a career in this field: “I’ve always been good at math, and I’ve also always enjoyed learning about business. I thought that studying Accounting would be the perfect marriage of interests for me and would lead me to a career that I enjoy. And now I get to use my math and business skills alongside my knowledge of the greenhouse farming industry every day.”

For Ken, Nature Fresh Farms represents opportunity: “I know that getting a job right out of university or college in the field you studied in can be difficult sometimes. I’m very thankful that Nature Fresh Farms gave me the opportunity to show my skills and get my feet wet in a new role.”

Ken is a loyal sports fan, but the lack of live sports has not necessarily been a bad thing for him lately – it has allowed Ken to focus on spending time with his wife, as well as studying for his CPA exam!

As a member of our Finance team, Ken is responsible for developing bank forecasts to prove business profitability and expansion potential. Ken also calculates cost of production for many different aspects of our business, as well as pulls a variety of reports to update our senior management team on general finances. Ken is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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