Kendal R.


“This has been a life-changing year so far, full of many learning experiences and new opportunities.”

When she was in high school, Kendal R. had a hard time finding a job or a company that she really enjoyed. Kendal had plans to go to post-secondary school, but when she got pregnant, she decided to find a job in her hometown so she could raise her daughter and be there for her. In 2018, Kendal joined the Nature Fresh Farms team, and she has been developing alongside the company ever since!

Her first position with us was as a General Laborer packing product, but Kendal moved into a new role after proving her ability to pay close attention to detail and displaying a strong work ethic: “After about two weeks on the packing line I got a job as a Gatekeeper in the Distribution Center, which I did full-time for a year and a half. I still do some Gatekeeping work on Saturdays, but I just started in a new role in Inventory Control. This new role was a really good opportunity for me!”

What Kendal likes most about being a part of our team is how she feels supported and comfortable: “I know that this is a really good company to work for. I feel supported and secure here – I feel like my future career is in good hands.”

One of Kendal’s most defining moment was becoming a mother. Motherhood put Kendal’s world into a whole new perspective and changed her life plans for the better. In her spare time, Kendal enjoys going on little adventures with her daughter and exploring southern Ontario together. She can’t believe that next year her daughter will be starting school!

In her new role, Kendal is responsible for keeping produce inventory numbers at the Distribution Center accurate and up-to-date. If Kendal notices any discrepancies in recorded inventory numbers and what she counts inside the Distribution Center, it’s up to her to investigate, find where produce has been moved, and update inventory records accordingly. Kendal is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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